18th August 2019
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Multi Purpose Service Trolley
Only 162.50
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2+ £ 158.00
8+ £ 145.00
Multi Purpose Service Trolley
Superb multi-purpose trolley / cart, ideal for offices, care homes, storage facilities and catering establishments.

Ideal for crockery / cuttlery and serving at tables, for carrying laundry, towels etc., the uses for this trolley are endless.

Constructed from high-density structural plastic and engineered aluminium.

Three shelves of 16" x 24 1/2" (41 x 62cm) with two convenient handles - steer from either end. Fitted with 100mm (4") swivel castors.

Illustrated Cuttlery/waste bins are optional extras, deep bins are also available. code 5811 and 5812 respectively.

Cart rated for 90.5kg load.

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Sterisafe 20 Knife Sterilising Cabinet with 20 way Knife rack
Sterisafe 20 way Knife steriliser.

The risk of a food poisoning outbreak is a constant threat to the whole of the catering and meat trade industry. Even after washing, knives can hold potentially dangerous micro-organisms.

Unsterile knives are proven to offer the biggest cause of cross contamination within commercial kitchens.

The Sterisafe 20 stainless steel cupboard uses safely controlled UV-C light to break down the DNA of harmful viruses and bacteria, including E-Coli, Salmonella and Listeria.
The Sterisafe works in two ways first the direct application of UV light at 254 nm acts imediately to kill germs, second, within the cabinet the uv converts oxygen into ozone providing a totally efficient virocide germocide which penetrates into any voids, wood grains etc., of the utensils.

The Sterisafe which conforms with hygiene norms finds applications in all branches of industry, food preparation and food trades. Manufactured in 18/10 stainless steel the unit is built to last, and can be installed in all kinds of atmospheres and humitity.

The unit is easily cleaned to maintain a high standard of hygiene.

The storage system allows for easy and quick removal of varying styles and sizes of knives.

Please allow three to four weeks for delivery of this item.

18/10 Stainless case and rack, Smoked plexiglass front panel.
Timer 0 to 2 hours, recommended setting 1.5 hours.
dimensions H: 600mm w: 510 mm D: 125 mm weight 9 Kg


Flexible timer activation

High grade construction

Easy hygiene maintenance
1+ £ 282.00
3+ £ 264.60
5+ £ 245.00
10+ £ 226.00
Sterisafe 20 Knife Sterilising Cabinet with 20 way Knife rack
Only 282.00
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