10th July 2020
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FrontGuard Entrance Mat 3ft x 5ft

Contico Frontguard washable barrier entrance mats will protect valuable carpets and floors from dirt, grime, and liquid contamination whilst also providing dust control. Application as an indoor commercial entrance mat and over other carpets/floors preventing contamination due to spilages rain water etc.

Luxury entrance mats for extra protection, high pile finish. Stop dirt at the door in style! Two tone blend of colours. Strong vinyl backing. Lipped on all edges, 100% polyamide synthetic high tufted pile, has excellent water retention quality.

Colour range:


Entrance Protection
FrontGuard Entrance Matting

Contico: FG35 FG35RD, FG35BL, FG35BR FG35GN, FG35GY, FG35BK.

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