15th December 2019
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How To Pay

Payment for goods from Care Home Essentials within the UK can be by 'Cheque with order', by Credit card via our secure internet bank link, or you can apply for a credit account.

Please note we do not deliver outside the uk without prior agreement.

Credit Card Payment via secure internet bank - currently unavailable. Please contact us for assistance on 01925 262529
Not available at present - please fill your basket as normal and call us on 01925 262529 to complete your order over the phone,

Cheque with order
If you prefer to pay by cheque and would like a printed order, just provide the information below and press the submit button. This will bring together all essential information ready to print and for you to post with your cheque.

This will to enable us to process your order and contact you if necessary.

Please make your cheque out to Harberson Ltd.

IMPORTANT NOTE: we cannot accept orders outside of the UK without prior agreement.

Credit Accounts
Credit orders are processed as soon as possible and we will contact you if we have any problem supplying your goods.

The credit account provides credit for a months purchases with payment due on the 15th of the month following.

There are many other benefits from having an account through Care Home Essentials - as below.

HISTORY OF PURCHASES Three views are available to help you re-order items purchased previously. These views will help both when re-ordering products, repeating an order, when re-ordering for several different delivery addresses and when the person who normally places orders is not available. Of course to access these views you have to use your password - register now.

PRODUCTS PURCHASED This is a list of every product that you have ever purchased. Individual products can be selected and added to your trolley you then enter quantity to order.

PREVIOUS ORDERS PLACED This view shows all the orders that you have placed previously whith the most recent order placed at the top of the list. An order can be selected to repeat the order. The order quantities may then be edited, products deleted or added.

PER SEPARATE DELIVERY ADDRESS For Central or Group purchasing using more than one delivery address, the view of previous orders placed is presented in delivery address order. This assists an authorised person in reordering to meet the needs of purchasing for individual areas or addresses.

PRICE MATCHING Any product which we have agreed a price matching price for will receive this price for reordered products. Again - the person authorised to purchase will need to log on Care Home Essentials for this to work.

CYCLIC ORDERS Arrangements for regular repeat orders can be made automatically - phone to arrange this.

PERSONAL PASSWORD Credit Orders can only be placed using your personal password - so go to login and set yourself up with one.

When you sign on again there is no need for you to re-enter your invoice and delivery details you will only need to confirm that they are correct.

Orders can be placed with the minimum of effort

Why not have a look at what there is to offer and try Care Home Essentials now.

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