18th August 2019
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Contico Caddy Clean 800 and Hand Held CaddyClean 801 are the lightest most portable and versatile scrubbing machines on the market, they are ideal for cleaning busses, trains, trams, planes, stairs in hospitals, schools and offices in cabins in every confined space where small size and portability is vitally important. Perfect for all hard floors in confined spaces. The CaddyClean scrubs and polishes to give a truly professional finish. CaddyClean is ideal for walls, stairs and ceilings, changing rooms, kitchens, gyms and hard to reach places. A simple one click action changes the angle of the scrubber head to allow the cleaning of the front face of stairs, skirting boards and other awkward to get at vertical surfaces.

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Contico Caddy Clean
CO800 CaddyClean - scrubbbing machine + Free Holdall
1+ £ 570.00
CO800-1 CaddyClean - hand held scrubbing machine kit
1+ £ 415.00
CO800-18 Caddy Clean 2.5 litre t CO800-18
1+ £ on request
CO800-23 CaddyClean spare battery, cable & case
1+ £ 200.00
CO800-31 CaddyClean scrubbing pads 10 Pack
1+ £ on request
CO800-32 Colour Coded CaddyClean brushes 2 Pack
1+ £ on request
CO800-34 CaddyClean Holdall
1+ £ on request
CO800-36 Microfibre CaddyClean Pads
1+ £ 69.50
CO800-37 Abralon Abrasive CaddyClean pads Pack of 10
1+ £ 39.00
CO800-39 CaddyClean abrasive pads starter kit
1+ £ on request


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